Best Bridgestone Golf Balls

Best Bridgestone Golf Balls

Best Bridgestone Golf Balls

One of the most important thing to consider while buying the best golf balls is the brand. Before buying the best golf ball, one should keep in mind the importance and specific characteristics along with pros and cons of golf ball. There are many brands and popular balls in the market, but in this article you will be reading all about the Best Bridgestone Golf Balls. Please read to the end to get the full list of the Best Bridgestone Golf Balls.

As we have mentioned above that there are number of brands with best golf balls. But, how can you know that which brand is popular and which brand is unique. Some brands like Tiger woods, Bryson, Lexi Thompson, Bridgestone and DeChambeau are most popular. The first thing to consider a ball is that if you see it in the hands of your favorite golf player, buy it. As Bridgestone is the most popular brand, its balls can be seen everywhere on the tours in the hands of the great players. Why it is so famous because it produces the great balls like top-quality and highh-end balls.

Another important thing about this ball is that it enhances the accuracy of your game more than any other ball. That’s why Bridgestone’s balls are the perfect choice for you. But, Bridgestone produced various balls that are currently used in the market. These balls help you improve all of the important aspects of your game. Let’s explore some of the Best Bridgestone Golf Balls.


The very first ball we have on our list is the Bridgestone Tour B RXS Golf Ball. Though this ball may not get your much attention but it is exceptionally good and gives high performance. During our trial of this ball it gave all of the greenside spin and complete control that was not expected from it. It also exceeded the expected distance during shot.

Another important thing that was observed during our trial that in nasty weather and after consistent play and practice we did not face and issue of wearing and tearing. After launching into the market, the ball became the best selling ball of Brdigestone. Therefore, the company personally recommends this ball to the golfers who like swig driver at 105 mph. If you are also the one the same players, the ball is for you. Get your ball now.

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At number two we have the famous Bridgestone’s Tour B RX golf ball. This ball, like the Tour B RXS, was created for the same golfers we discussed above who swing a driver at less than 105 mph but demand performance that a premium golf ball offers.
The balls also offers a soft but responsive feel when putting because it fared well around the greens in terms of control and spin.

The beauty of Bridgestone’s Tour B RX golf ball is that it is durable. So, you don’t need to change your ball after every week. Moreover, the performance was extremely well when we tested it in wind. If you want to enhance the level of your game, make sure to use this ball for your next round. Surely, you will love this ball.

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3. Bridgestone 2022 Tour B XS Golf Ball

At number third comes The B XS golf ball, a famous ball often seen is use of Tiger Woods. The most important significance of this ball is that it offer more spin than BX. So, it is the best choice for players who like to play more than 105 mph. Tiger woods has been seen more often appreciating the performance of this ball and also why this ball suits him the most. Bridgestone 2022 Tour B XS Golf Ball covers long distance which is comparable with other premium balls. The ball was launched with the Gradational Compression core and Dual Dimple Pattern.

Moving to the next feature of this ball, it feels soft and the feel was fantastic to put with on faster green. Bridgestone Tour B XS Golf Ball has Tiger’s approval seal on it. So, we had no other option to include it on our list because it is one the best performing ball that you can enjoy your game taking it to the next level with the best golf ball of Bridgestone. So, you can also go on your next tour with this ball.

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Another great ball of Bridgestone that is very popular and the first choice of expert players is the Bridgestone 2022 Tour B X Golf Ball. This ball was used by Lexi Thompson, Matt Kuchar, and Bryson DeChambeau who was US Open winner champion 2020.

This ball also increased the spin and distance in the last generation because it utilizes the reactive urethane cover. The latest ball of of Tour B X is designed for those golfers who like 105mph swing. Overall, we found it an excellent ball which provides a solid, firm control on on all shots. While playing off the tee it really offered a great and consistent mve around the greens. You can also add consistency to your game with the Bridgestone 2022 Tour B X Golf Ball.

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Bridgestone launched a ball e12 Soft, but recently the brand replaced its ball with a new model of Bridgeste e12 Contact. This replacement is done after much experiment and trial. The key difference is that the new e12 Contact gives more performance because of the force dimple that which is a distinctive feature of this ball. These dimples help to keep the contact of the ball with the club 38% more than the previous ball.

The other important things you will find in the ball are the improved speed, distance, and accuracy. The grip level and spin are superb. The Bridgestone E12 Contact Golf Ball is available in green, red, yellow, and white matte. Try this ball once for you game, it will certainly increase your performance.

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Each of the balls given above is selected and added on the list of the Best Bridgestone Golf Balls after testing procedure, performance and the honest review of best golf players. We have mentioned the real features of each ball so that it might help you in buying decision. We always try to bring honest and functional golf accessories before our readers so that you may improve your games and also have all the important stuff into your bag that you need.

We hope our collection of the Best Bridgestone Golf Balls would help you. If you want to read more articles on different other best golf accessory like the best golf towels, best golf balls, and the best golf grips, you can explore our website. And if you like our articles, we would like to hear from you in the comment box. Don’t forget to drop a comment.

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