Best Golf Ball Cleaners

Best Golf Ball Cleaners

Did you ever imagine that there would be a time when along with other golf equipment, the best golf ball cleaners would also be available with a variety of choices? Every golfer aims at having the best golf equipment before landing on the ground to give high performance. But, one thing that has often been ignored is keeping the ball clean. Although the dirt on the golf ball itself gets dismissed during shots, chances are playing with a muddy golf ball can impact your swing; you will not like your shot to be spoiled for just minor negligence.

Keeping your golf ball neat and clean is essential because a dirty ball not only affects your game but your golf club too. With today’s cutting-edge technology it is unwise to play with an unclean ball, especially on tour. Although it may not interfere with your performance keeping the golf ball clean can certainly improve your score. How do you think a dirty golf ball can impact your game? Well, dirt can be a hurdle in swings, and unwanted particles can increase the weight, though minimal, and can often be game-changing.

So, the question is what is the best way to keep your ball clean, or what can be done? The answer is to get the best golf ball washer machine or cleaner. Have you ever used any such object to wash or clean your ball? Are you looking for the best golf ball washing machine or automatic golf ball cleaner? We have brought for you a list of the best electric golf ball washer. Some are straightforward while others are a little complex. Some of these cleaners can also be used during your round of golf. Let’s see what golf ball cleaner is best for you.

5 Best Golf Ball Washers

1.ProActive Sports Green Golf Ball Cleaner

ProActive Golf ball cleaner is considered one of the best and most convenient golf ball cleaners. Its level of comfort, durability, pocket-fitting and color choices are what make it our favorite choice. With this golf ball cleaner, it is very easy to wash your ball and make it as neat as a new one.

The most interesting thing you will find the microfiber liner is highly durable that not only cleans the ball but helps the wick to keep water away as well. The key feature of the ball is its waterproof exterior. It is so designed that players can use it all day long without getting their hands wet when cleaning. This ball washer lets you have your ball and club cleaned everywhere. Never forget to clean your ball with the best golf towel at the green or putt. Get the best golf ball cleaners on the market.

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2. Twister Golf Ball Cleaner

Twister golf ball cleaner is another best automatic golf ball cleaner that has been helping golf players to keep their balls spick and span for years. The durability of the cleaner is at heart which you may not find in other models on the market. You can even imagine its performance by the way it looks and the ball will withstand quite a bit in every situation.

If you are looking for more heavy duty with less effort, the Twister golf ball cleaner is an ideal option for you. It is also claimed that the Twisert has scrubbing bristles on its inside. Though it is not the only ball with bristles, we do say that it is only with high performance. Make sure to clean your ball with Twister’s best golf ball cleaners.

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3. BallBrite golf ball cleaner

Are you tired of carrying towels to dry and clean your ball and also drying your club against your golf trouser on your normal as well as tour matches? You no longer need to worry about it. BallBrite offers a very simple solution for every golfer. BallBrite is a very transportable lightweight golf ball cleaner with versatile abilities. This ball cleaner is manufactured to wash golf balls and can also be used to polish iron cubs. The interior material of this unique and moveable golf ball cleaner is anti-microbial that ensures sanitary condition.

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4. Swiss Ascent

Another very similar to the Twist golf ball mentioned above is the Swiss Ascent golf ball. But, the latter is slightly better compared to the former. Its cup has three different types of bristles that are framed to last the test of the hour. Its beautiful and stylish lid, though has no practical function, gives an excellent look hanging from your golf bag.

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5. Swiss Ascent Golf Ball Washer

Another ball washer that we use and often recommend is the Swiss Ascent Golf Ball Washer. As I have personal experience of using it, I can tell you that it is from the higher end of the spectrum. So, we can also say that it is, comparatively, a little costly. But, the higher cost can be justified due to its high-quality bristle brushes that make your ball as clean as newly taken from the market.

This automatic golf ball washing machine has three brushes that clean your ball rigorously. Rigorously means it cleans your ball better than any towel or any other piece of cloth which you use to clean your ball. The cleaner has a beautiful nylon strap and carabiner which means you can carry it even to the golf course. Go on your next tour match with this beautiful golf ball washer. Check today’s best deal.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Golf Ball Washing Machine


The Style or design of the best golf ball cleaners has a great influence on the overall quality of the product.
Many cleaners consist of carabineer clips to easily carry them around the course. Some of the cleaners are larger that assist in cleaning the golf club.


Effectiveness means how neatly and quickly the cleaners wash or clean your ball. It is necessary to use a golf ball cleaning machine to ensure that every piece of your tool is giving the best performance at an optimal level during each round.

There are two methods to wash your ball and both of them are effective in their way. One is to use a pocket ball washer towel. It is an effective and convenient way to wash golf balls quickly. The second way is to wash your ball with a cup design. It is also an effective and common way that most golfers use to wash their balls on tours. The golf ball is put inside a cup and the ball is cleaned automatically by either twisting or shaking the interior brushes/bristles. Make sure to make the right choice in cleaning your golf ball and also tell us what method you use.


Material is also another factor you should consider before buying any golf ball washer machine. Most of the cleaners are made of microfiber, polyester, and cotton material. But again, the two methods are entirely different from each other and the material used in each of them is also different. The two methods are towel or pouch and cup design. Each has its unique material and characteristic which the other lack.

Once you have seen our collection of the best golf ball washers and also the things to consider before buying them, it is time to get one. But, don’t forget to wash your ball. No matter what method you use, at least clean your ball, because playing with a dirty and muddy golf ball will not only spoil your performance but also affect your score and mood. If you are not used to cleaning your ball, or you are already using any of the mentioned or not mentioned methods, we want to listen from you. Don’t forget to tell us about your best golf ball cleaners.

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