Best Golf Balls For Women

Best Golf Balls For Women

When it comes to the best golf balls for women, you cannot have the same choice as male golfers do. Golf accessory is somehow different for women form those of men. There is a variety of best golf balls for women to select. But, it is very mportant to think about which will benefit your game the most to improve your game and score. It is also necessary to know what you are seeking. If it is greater distance, more spin, accuracy, or feel.

There are two main aspects of a golf ball; a cover and a core. But a ball may have several layers which we call one-piece, two-piece or three-piece, etc. Most of the women golfers prefer two-piece ball that is considered an ideal choice that not only gives high accuracy but performance, spin, feel, and distance. But, the best golf ball is one that suits you the most in term of spin, durability and performance.

Color choice is also another factor that matters when it comes to the best golf balls for women. So, whatever the color of the ball is your favorite or you prefer, in this article you find. But, if you want other equipment for your game like the best golf shoes, best golf clubs, and best golf bags, you can also find those on the same website. Let’s explore what we have on our best golf balls for women lilst and get you covered with the best choice.

Women Golfers 6 Best Golf Balls


Two-pieceColors: 2 (white, pink)
Impressive all rounder
Decent price

The most important thing which makes the ball unique is the its softness and low compression which is just 58. At its centre the Energetic Gradient Growth Core is softer, but firm at the perimeter. Both of the factors blend together to maximize the speed of the ball. Moreover, the design of the ball brings more distance for those ladies golf players whose average speed is lower than men’s.

During trial, its responsive feel on the green was was greatly observed and highly appreciated because it is very beneficial for covering the long distance. In windy conditions it is very useful as its dimple pattern decreases drag and increases lift during decent. Get soft feel with your favourite pink packaging and feels proud while playing and giving the maximum performance. Try it now.

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Two-pieceColors: 4 (white, green, orange, pink)
Good distance
Loved the different matte color options

Titliest Velocity Golf Ball is also one of the best golf balls for women that features a strong and higher-speed LSX core which boosts ball speed on full shots and keeps spin down for optimum distance. The brand also focused to improve the cover in order to create an excellent feel. The aerodynamics of the ball is also updated to offer a higher trajectory. It is this amalgamtion of ball speed, high flight and low spin that makes the Velocity ball the longest in the Titleist range.

So, the Titliest Velocity is an ideal choice for you as it helps many female golfers to get the ball out there a little further. Moreover, you would also like the color choice of the ball that is available in green, orange, and pink. Titliest Velocity is not only the best golf ball for beginners, but also for high handi cappers.

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Three-pieceColors: (white, yellow, plus Stripe version)
Fairly soft feel on the greens
Good greenside spin control
Consistently strong ball flight

TaylorMade is another great golf ball with several improvements as compared to the previous model. For example the new addition of the ball was faster off the face by almost 3 mph than the previous generation. So, six extra carry yards have been created and seven additional yards in total. Another thing noticed during trial tat it has a less spin while playing with iron and wedge yet no loss of control or feel was observed. We also enjoyed the feel with the putter because it gave a fantastic soft touch off the blade.

For a long game performance, the ball is the best companion. We are much impressed by the sturdy material used in the ball that gives it a flight after direct shot and you would also notice the same during playing. If you couple it with the spin control, you would have a solid all rounder which offers good value of money alternative to various golfers

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Two-pieceColors: 3 (white, peach, purple)
Performs well on all shots
Confidence boosting
Good value
Good color options

The fourth ball is also from the TaylorMade, the TaylorMade Kalea Golf Ball. The Kalea is especilly designed for those women golfers who won’t swing faster like men. But its performance can work for any golfer towards the slower end of the swing spectrum. You can get the ball in a purple, peach matte finish, and white. The ball features a REACT propriety core with 60 compression and is a combination of a soft lothane cover that has ability to offer women golfers with a great confidence, soft feel, and long distance on short game shots. Get the best golf ball for women from today’s best deal.

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Two-pieceColors: 3 (white, yellow, orange)
Good durability and all round performance
This ball launches and flies higher than most

Those players who aspire for slower swing in warm, dry, and all speed during winter month the RB 566 golf ball is a must-have ball for them.The ball has a unique 566 micro-dimple pattern for prolonged flight and a large, soft compression high-energy core, and lets driver spin to be more efficient and straight ball flight. The ball has an ionomer cover that offers a blend of feel for green control and durability. Although the durability of the ball is at heat, but you won’t get much softness. However, overall performance of the ball is unique and superb. Get today’s best choice.

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Two-pieceColors: 1 (white)
It really delivers eye popping distance.
Very affordable 15 in a pack so you do get bang for your bucks
Great distance and hugely beneficial if extra yardage is what you’re after

The last addition on our best golf balls for women list the best of the Wilson’s. The low-compression Wilson ball assures long distance through a hard ionomer cover that optimizes trajectory for maximum yardage. And during our trial, we found the ball is worth-mentioning on our list because this ball would certainly deliver. The increased aerodynamic dimple pattern adds to the potential from the tee. So resultantly, we were much impressed. This ball is very durable and you note that it will not mark up easily, even when it bounces off the cart path. The mid compression core of the ball has an element of greenside playability, though it is a low-compression ball.

In terms of value, the Velocity Distance is also there. Thanks to the three extra golf balls that you’ll get in the box. Most of the time you get 12 balls in a pack, but we were surprised to open the package as there were 15 total. However, it is one of the best golf balls for women that help women golfers reach the maximum distance off the tee.

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We do hope that you would find our list of the best golf balls for women golfers. Surely, this list will help you not only make a good choice or to take a good decision to get the best golf ball, but also to improve the level of your game. We have tried our best to bring the best ball before you so that you can improve your game by getting the best equipment before entering the ground. You can also read our other articles on different other accessories like the best golf balls for men, best golf balls for beginners and experts. If you really find the article helpful, do tell us in the comment box. We would be glad t hear from you.

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