Best Golf Cart Batteries

Best Golf Cart Batteries

The golf cart is one of the most expensive accessories taking the golf objects into view. The is glad and always ready to lead you to the right track in choosing your equipment. In today’s article, we will provide you with full detail about the what are the best golf cart batteries with certain pros and cons. Make sure to stay in touch with us till the end.

Your recreation depends only on your choice. You invest a huge amount on golf carts – but in just two to three years, you notice that your ideal best golf cart battery is not working well. It feels awful to think that your long-term expenditure is fading away. Then you may realize that buying cheap objects to save a few dollars was your biggest mistake.

Either you select and buy a durable object keeping in mind the lasting performance, or you may have cheap equipment dealing with an everyday headache. You may well understand ‘A stitch in time saves nine.’ So, having good advice and the right information before buying any golf object can make all the difference.

Therefore, our site provides you in-depth detail about golfer accessories like best golf balls, clubs, grips, gloves, hats, etc. The best golf cart batteries for the money are durable, offer high performance, and provide great value. Your carriage gives you an aesthetic pleasure in traveling during playing golf-game if it has a high-ability battery in it. So, we discuss about the what is the best golf cart batteries.

4 Best Golf Cart Batteries

We brought many options for you to make an easy choice. There are different volt batteries available in the market. In low capacity, there are different choices from 6 volts, 8 volts to 12 Volts. But in high ability, you may also have 36V and 48V. The more you play, the better capacity you can enjoy. Here you can read our list of the 4 Best Golf Cart Batteries.

  1. Trojan T-105 Battery

Trojan T-105 Battery

Trojan has been one of the world’s best battery pioneering since 1925. Its models have a unique capacity, outstanding performance, and high amperage. Trojan T 105 is the best-featuring model of Trojan company. Using 6V T-105 can prompt your vehicle multiple times if your carriage has the ability of 12, 36, and 48V.

Trojan spent years of experience and dedication to manufacturing this unique model. The installed ability of the Trojan is 225 Ah (GC2). It continuously performs for more than seven and a half hours. It only consumes 25 amp for one hour and 75 amps for 1.9 hours. So, you can depend on its long-lasting and high-performance ability.

The Trojan is among the world’s leading technological companies. Among its other chief distinct features, its long-lasting performance, reliability, prodigious value, and boosting more power are the significant advantages. This acid battery is always the best choice for your carts because it has prolonged track usage in the solar electric record that makes it stand alone.

But remember that everything needs care. If you want long-term performance from your battery, you had better take much care of it. In this regard, consider the maintenance of your carriage battery regularly. Keeping checking the charge equalization, watering replacement, and cleaning the top terminal can enhance the performing ability of your battery to a great extent while making it durable.

Another notable feature of the battery is its uninterruptible supply and photovoltaic system. Its thicker plat automatically helps in maintaining a high current. So, you can install this battery in your carriage, relying on its performance.


Company: Trojan

Category: Deep cycled

Volts: 6

Weight: 64lbs

Technology: Flooded Lead-Acid

Discharging Depth: 50%

Working ability: 7.5 hours

Amperage: 225 Ah

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  1. Amstron GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart Battery

Amstron GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart Battery

If you are looking for a quality battery at a low price, The Amstron GC2 is the best choice for you. Amstron is a tussle-free battery, and its capacity is excellent because of the usage of AGM Technology. It gives you multiple benefits over gel cell battery and traditional flooded battery. You will neither get disappointed about its performance nor worry about its not maintaining casual flow or water level.

It offers a retentive and authentic life cycle because it has been so manufactured that while charging and discharging, it reduces heat breeding. In case the battery is quick-frozen, you will not have to worry about losing your battery. GC2 doesn’t get damaged as there is no extra liquid material. Similarly, the well-designed, highly constructed plates resist and hold up a great control against shock or vibration.

The AP has the capacity to store energy for a long time, and its unique design emits only 4 % gas. Because its self-discharge rate is low, it doesn’t need any extra boost charge. Its other beauty is that it can be used in craft dispensation and enclosed areas. But make sure that the place must not be sealed or gas compressed.

So, the Amstron GC2 6V AGM battery offers everything your cart demand to run smooth. Its DOD (depth of discharge) is 80%, with a capacity of 210 AH at C20. For twenty hours, it gives you 10.5 amp,25 amp for 7.9 hours, and 75 amp for 2.06 h. You may read further detail about the product by clicking on the Amazon button.


Type: Deep Cycle

Size: 10.24 x 7.09 x 10 in

Weight: 68 lbs

Operating voltage: 6V

Technology: SLA AGM

Capacity: 210 Ah

Operating Amperage: 210 Ah at C20/185 Ah at C5

Maximum depth of discharge: 80%

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  1. Expert Power 12v 33Ah Rechargeable Deep-Cycle Battery (4)

Expert Power 12v 33Ah Rechargeable Deep-Cycle Battery

If you can’t afford the Trojan or any other price battery, you can rely on Expert Power because it’s an affordable, cheap, and high-performing battery. Its B2 terminals and low price make it a unique and significant object. Just put it out of the box, fix the connection in the appropriate position, and get ready to make your vehicle hit the road.

The battery is designed with high-quality material. It is not only used in the golf carriage but also for other typical purposes like UPS, LE, GE, Security systems for homes and mansions, bikes, wheelchairs, alarm clocks, medical and electrical devices, etc. Fixing the battery in your home security system makes you carefree. The same is the case with your vehicle.

Its unique structural 33 Ah ability performs for 10 hours, giving more than 3.3 amp at C10. Its DOD is 100% that constantly performs for more than 260 hertz. But, you had better increase its cycle number to 500 by using it at 50 % DOD. You can have the same amount of V by plugging three batteries of 12 V in your carriage.

It has a rough external layer that can withstand any coarse climate or temperature. You can enjoy its high performance. But it will require proper care and maintenance by checking the water of your cells as it is an acid lead battery and demands extra care. If you maintain and give adequate care, you will surely enjoy the ride of your car for a long time.


Technology: SLA AGM ( Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)

Type: Deep Cycle

Weight: 23.81 lbs

Voltage: 12V

Capacity: 33 Ah

Operating Amperage: 33Ah at C10

Maximum depth of discharge: 100%button.

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  1. Lifeline Marine AGM Battery – GPL4CT


ifeline Marine AGM Battery – GPL4CT

At number fourth comes the Lifeline Marine sturdy battery. It has five years warranty with its beautiful and excellent design. It is made of M8 copper alloy threads. Therefore, its capacity is worthy and valuable to resist vibration and shock. At C20, it has a total of 220 ah. It means that it provides an 11amp constant current for 20 hours, 25 amp for 8.2 hours, and 14.2 hours at 15 amps.

Any golfer may purchase this product anywhere in the world as it is designed for the US as well as for other country users. Its voltages and outfalls may vary from country to country. Therefore, it would be best to utilize it by using a converter or adapter as per requirements. Don’t forget to notice its ability and capability before buying it.

As the Lifeline construction has the excellent quality, it has a 2% discharge rate per month at 77F. You will not face the issues like acid cleaning, acid leakage, and consuming more power than other traditional objects. The battery was produced in the USA for the facility of golfers to enjoy their games more frankly. Because of low battery resistance, it is formed to charge amperage over 550 amps.


Brand                  Lifeline Batteries

Cell                      Lead-Acid, AGM

Unit Count         1 Count

Voltage               6 Volts

Amp                    20 Hr

Discharge Minutes          25 Amps – 492

Discharge Minutes          15 Amps – 856

Discharge Minutes          8 Amps – 1692

Weight                                ‎66 pounds

Dimensions                      ‎10.28 x 7.06 x 9.92 inches

Model: ‎                              GPL-4CT

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Before buying the accessories of any sport, it is important to keep certain features in mind so that you may select the right accessory for you. Our Helping Guide with General FAQS helps you select the right object. Here you may have a look at it.

Which golf cart battery lasts longest?

Two types of batteries are significantly common in the market, Lithium, and Acid. However, Lithium is more effective than Acids because the chemistry of Lithium is so designed that its cell increases the cycle of charges from 2000 to 5000. On the other hand, the acid batteries cycle is more or less 500 to 1000.

Are lithium batteries good in a golf cart?

Lithium batteries have many benefits over acid and AGM, like prolonged-time period, substantial weight decrease, more efficiency, and cost diminution. So, Lithium is a good choice with less expense.

Are Trojan batteries the best?

There are many good batteries in the market. But, you can prioritize the Trojan batteries to others brands like Interstate, US, Deka, Duracell, Powertron, etc. Trojan batteries offer better performance and are more durable than any other brand. Having it installed in your cart, you will have no regret at all.

What is the average life of a cart battery?

It’s most important to keep in mind that the more you care for your cart battery, the longer it will perform. If you read our helping guide before buying a battery and give it proper care like correct charging, proper clearance, and water level, you may expect it to perform from 5 to 10 years.

What is the Suitable Voltage for Your Battery?

It depends on the requirements of your golf motor. If the motor needs an eight-voltage battery, there is no option other than having an 8v battery. But if the carts have the capacity of 36v or 48v, you may install multiple batteries of 6, 8, and 12-voltage.

Can I use 3 or 4 batteries of 12v in my 36 or 48-volt golf cart?

Yes, if your cart has the capacity of 36v to 48v, you may use three of 12v in a 36v capacity vehicle. Similarly, you can use four of 12v in 48v carriage capacity. But, be careful to connect them from negative to positive series.

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