Best Golf Grips

Best Golf Grips

Best Golf Grips

If you are a regular golfer, trying to improve your shot, and spend hours improving your skill, but at the end of the game, you feel that you have a unique ball and club of fine quality, but still your shot doesn’t produce the required result. It usually happens that, now and then, we hit the ball but do not get the desired result.

But did you try to find out why this happens to you? Well! There can be two likelihoods for your shot not giving you the result of your need. Either you don’t focus on your shot and not sweat your pop in the right direction, or when you hit the ball, your club slips in your hand, and it moves the angle of your shot. Although you may not feel it, the slip, sometimes, is too slight to feel.

So, it would be best to keep in mind that the traction of your grip has great significance in your game because it is the only thing that remains in touch with your hand throughout the game. Therefore, if you unknowingly have selected the wrong grip, it would make your game harder without giving the fruit of your effort.

For this reason, you need a grip of unique quality that gives you a soothing effect when you hold it, the grip that doesn’t let your club slip in your hand while swimming it, and the grip that can fit your hand in any rough, dry, hard, cool, or nasty weather condition. Our best golf grips collection will do this job for you, providing you with the thorough detail to select a unique grip for your club.

Here is a collection of the best golf grips to give your hand relaxation and make your shot perfect. You can also read our collection of Best Golf Shoes.


Among the best rated golf grips, the GOLF PRIDE MCC GRIP (New Decade® MultiCompound) is one of the best choices for golfers. The rubber-made golf grip helps your hand firmly hold your club while swimming without letting it move to spoil your shot in any other direction. It gives your hands a soothing effect because the rubber fits its lower side.

There are some other qualities of this grip. First is that, for better traction in the mid of the grip, Brushed Cotton Technology is used. Secondly, your upper hand will not slip when they get wet due to stormy weather. The third quality of the grip is that it helps to manage moisture conditions. The grip has a textured pattern and is available in multi colors.

GOLF PRIDE MCC GRIP is available in midsize Black and Red colors. Its inner core size is 600. It also arrives in Align line, which allows you to brighten your club, including your favorite team color. These Pride grips are unique with their extra thickness, which makes them more comfortable, and they are easy to swim in your club.


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If you are fed up with your sweaty hands while playing shot and want to replace the grip with something that gives you proper traction and moisture management, you must try the ZGRIP once. It is the best grip for moisture management and firm control due to its texture patterns combining two layers.

It is available in midsize and standard size and comes in Black and White Colours. Its weight in grams is 57.5. Even for your small hands, the medium size is the best fit. So, make sure for all kinds of weather control, firm feel, a unique texture surface, and better stability, the Zgrip group in Golf Pride can be your final choice because of its significant features.

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Then comes the WINN DRI-TAC GRIP. WINN is one of the finest grips with 36 holes. It is also comfortable and makes you feel relaxed while holding it, swimming your club, or playing shots. It neither lets your hands slip on your club nor puts any strain on your hands. Rather it makes you feel comfortable with its tricky manufacturing quality.

It is a super comfortable – most popular grip today that offers everything a golfer needs. The comfort provided by the grip is the main reason for its popularity. The grip is suitable for rainy, sunshine, dry and hot weather conditions. This grip will make you stand out from your competitors, providing you the excellent firmness.

The most popular grip to all regular golf players comes in different colors blue, red, black, and navy. And in sizes, it is available in standard, junior and medium sizes. Its weight is 0.15 kg. It has a stylish look, X marks, bend lines, hexagon in the surface pattern in all the right places. Excellent structure and sharp look are some other qualities of it.


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If you are an amateur golfer and don’t know about it, you must try the Tour Velvet Align Grip. Align Technology is so well designed that it encourages consistent hand placement. Its surface is non-slippy and has the best rubber blend quality that absorbs unnecessary moisture not to let it spoil or move the angle of your shot.

It brings more consistency and comfortably fits in your hand. The Velvet Align best design from Golf Pride, makes your hands feel the texture change while holding your club. It provides great performance and helps your shot go to the right angle. Among the other Golf Pride grips, MCC and ZGrip, make sure to try the Velvet Align once in your game.

Its colors include red, black, white, grey, and multicolor. The shaft material is Alloy Steel, and it has a beautiful surface design with an organized title mark. You can buy the Midsize, One Size, Standard, Jumbo, and men’s standard sizes. And lastly, its aligned surface quality brings awareness and consistency to your shot in your game and assures comfort level and playability.


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Some big names like Sergio, Jason, and Jordan always prefer the S-Tech SuperStroke grip. Why do they choose it? Well! A thing is always chosen for its reliability and maximum comfort level. The S-Tech grip provides you with the best comfort – reliability, and it makes your hands feel tacky each time you hold your club.

The best S-Tech provides your extra softness, which is its specific beauty. It never lets your hands feel weary when you play for a long duration. But, one thing is necessary to mention that comfort and confidence come with time. It would be best to use the same grip for a long time. Once you do it, we are sure you would love the grip and want to change it because of its trustworthiness.

This S-Tech is one of the best among other SuperStokes grips. It will help to increase your performance level to one step ahead. It is a blend of rubber compounds having the best feedback from its users. The surface texture always helps your hands hold firm in their place when you play in an inclement climate. The item comes in Blue, Black, Red, and Gray pigments, weighing 1 ounce.

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LAMKIN CROSSLINE is another most popular grip with its best features – the most important are its distinct surface pattern, stability, traction, and less tacky feel. It has highly endurable synthetic rubber, which helps to make the swing easy. For big stick, there can be no better choice than Lamkin Crossline. That’s why this is one of the best items on our list.

In addition, these items are so well designed to assure outstanding swing performance and greater consistency and firm control in gripping and swimming of the club without creating any trouble in rainy conditions or sweaty hands. These are very useful and the best choice for irons having positive feedback for their long-lasting performance for years.

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Our next choice can also be your best. An excellent quality ARCCOS CADDIE SMART GRIP gives the golfers all they need. It has a unique sensors feature, a wonderous addition for your shot improvement and tracking. At the bottom end of it is a GPS sensor that helps the golfer track the direction of each shot. Cool!

The Caddie Smart’s significant characteristic allows your club to connect it to the app to locate all the hits very easily. Before it, you only guessed the duration of your hit shot. But using the Caddie, you know your shot ability’s strengths, weaknesses, and true identity. It properly performs its function whatever the weather is. It always gives you the right number according to the hit shot.

So far, the regular golfers have very positive feedback and have shown their likeness to this smart object. They always get excited when they learn the distance hit by them just looking at their club sensor. Another positive point is that it helps the golfers focus on their frailer point by breaking the game into impediments. Make sure to upgrade your bag with this extraordinary object.


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PRO ONLY putter grips are the Golf Pride’s best modern update that combines all their rubber features. They come in three typical shapes: blue, red, and green stars. These stars are clustered on the end cap of the club. Most golfers like its smaller size and prefer it to others because of its uniqueness.

The red is the smallest in the series. It has a hooked paddle that has a horseshoe shape for placing the thumb. The second smallest star is Blue Star which also has a straight paddle for thumb placement. And lastly, the Biggest star is the Green Star which is the combination of two. This green star is an oval-shaped star that gives ease and comfort to finger positioning and hand placement.

It also has a classic touch with its beautiful thrice refined shape. The object makes your fingers feel soft while running on it. It also gives traction and firm control satisfactorily. Whether you choose pistol, oval, flat oval, or whatever shape, you will enjoy the object holding in your hand while playing your shot.

And finally, its feedback is more positive and sensitive. Try once, and we are assured the more time you spend with the PRO ONLY, the more you like its compatible texture. The rubber-made entity is available in Black color with 0.15 weight. Its three outstanding models give you the best choice to polish your swimming expertise with more consistency and comfort.


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The next number on our list is the SUPER STROKE TRAXION TOUR 2.0 PUTTER GRIP. You are likely missing something if you have not yet tried this article. It is the best grip of Putted Category. It has X-shaped ropes and a firmly holdable texture which helps your hands feel soft each time you trace them.

The use of Spine Technology is the other chief quality of it. It has high sensory areas all over the surface. It is a highly recommended and excellent grip with great comfort of touch. The size is also marvelous without being too tiny or big. Having this object installed on your club will give you great conviction over your club with its great sensational quality.


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Another good golf grips is the FLAT CAT PUTTER GRIP. You can see it in the hands of the famous English golfer Justin Rose. He prefers the Flat Cat each time he plays because of its reliability. To some extent, you can say that this grip has a very useful role in making him a world-class golfer.

If you are trying to improve your skill and have tried many different grips from soft to rough, skinny to fat, they ended in vain. Give a chance to this object once. It’s a highly reliable article that naturally sits on your palms and lets your hands move naturally. Its rectangular shape made of high quality gives your wrists easy hold.

Whether the air is humid or it rains outside, it gives outstanding performance. It is made of rubber and assures you complete control while using it on your stroke. Its shape improves the consistency, the design gives satisfaction, and keeps your hands firmly smooth. You can enjoy it in three different sizes.


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Considerations For Buying Best Golf Grips

Once you have looked at our collection of best grips, there are some other facets to consider. These factors are quality, material, size, color, and durability.

There are four basic types of grips. The first one is Rubber grips that are less expensive but comfortable. The second type is Corded grip, which can be seen in the world’s best players’ hands. Its extra string helps keep your club in control in any weather condition. Even if you play without gloves, the ropes keep your hold strong.

The third is the Wrap Golf Grip. These are very famous from amateur to expert. These are the combination of the prior two. The fourth and the last is the Putted Grip. They have flat edges for your hands to hold, increase your confidence level, and perform the best hit for you.

In addition, you should keep in mind the difference between a soft and firm grip. Generally, the fast wingers and new players prefer firm objects. The older prefer soft because of easy swing. Remember that your hands are different from everyone else, and everyone reacts according to his feelings. So, it would be wise to adopt what comforts your hands.

Furthermore, the size of your grip also matters a lot and carries great significance. Some players like large sizes while others prefer shorts – you choose what suits you. Some players use extra size but add layers of tape to fit their hands. You should also remember durability and color. In this way, you can take your skill of swinging to the next level.

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