Best Low Spin Golf Balls

Best Low Spin Golf Balls

The question of whether to play with a low spin ball or a high spin ball is critical. To answer this question in detail, things can get technical but we will try to refrain from going into depth and mainly focus on the basic principles of the low spin ball. You will learn the best low spin golf balls but you will also have to do some research by yourself to find the best low spin golf balls whether you are looking for a mid-price golf ball or a premium golf ball.

This article will aim at those golfers looking for flight and distance and those looking for more spin losing control of the flight because of too much spin. If you think that your short is ballooning and going out of control, chances are you are having too much spin. So, focus on your flight.

Another worth mentioning thing here is that in recent years research and development (R&D) focused on trying to build as much approach play and greenside spin as possible into balls that offer low spin off the driver. Titleist a famous brand in golf accessories reports that “it is also necessary to recall that low-spin reach golf balls are generally low spin on all shots. This can have a harmful influence on scoring shot performance.”

In other words, we can say that you need to make compromise if you want the best action on the course for you game. And another benefit of low spin ball is that it not only reduces backspin but sidespin too. So, it has a little scope for slices to be less harmful, but, miracles musn’t be expected!


1. Titleist Tour Speed Golf Ball

Three-pieceColors: 2 (white, yellow)
Excellent all-round performer
Sub-premium price point
Similar feel to tour-quality balls
Excellent distance from drivers and irons

Titleist Tour Speed Golf Ball is one of the best low spin golf balls that is an exceptional update to the already performing golf price of mid prices. Titleist Tour Speed performs well in a long game and really helps to improve your poor performance, especially for those who always look for more distance. It costs less than Titleist’ Pro V1 golf ball but delivers almost equivalent level of performance.

The ball has a beautiful feature of a high flex casing coating that provides high speed and low speed on longer shots. During our trial we discovered 2 mph extra speed than that of the previous model. When we tried it with 7-iron, the difference was more appreciable. What we found was 7mph more speed and spins almost 1000 rmp than the previous model. During shot trial, we didn’t feel much softness off the club if we compare it with the other urethance golf balls of similar prices.

The only deficiency you may notice in this ball as compared to some of the best premium golf balls is might be the amount of spin on offer which is lowe tha the Titleist Pro V1 but greater than Tour Soft model. On the whole, it is the best performing golf ball that has helped many golfers improve their game performance. Make sure to test this ball in your game. Surely, you would love it.

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Four-pieceColors: 2 (white, yellow) plus Triple Track options
Impressive ball speed and controlled spin off the tee
High launching
Impressive spin control inside 100 yards

Callaway is another popular brand that brings the best golf accessory for golfers. The brand launched the LS golf ball a year back. But recently the latest version was introduced for max distance in a fine-tuned lower spin profile. The speed of the ball was noticed to be superb as compared to the Chrome Soft. The control level was also noticed to be great when hitting pitch and short game shots. And the feel was firm which most of the expert and beginner golfers always like and prefer.

Giving the preference to this ball, we don’t den the importance of LS. Indeed, it is also a fine quality ball and most of the golfers prefer it most. But, if you are a fast swing lover and looks for distance off the tee, we recommend you to check the performance of each of these two low spin golf balls side by side; you will find the difference. Get today’s best deal.

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Three-pieceColors: 2 (white, yellow) + two-tone Divide version
Impressive short game spin
High launch, low spin long game performance delivers good height and distance
Soft feel off the putter

The most important thing of the Srixon Q-Star is its promise to give high performance near tour-calibre, soft feel, and friendly cost.
The soft feel is promised by the low 72-compression FastLayer Core. This is a great transitions from a softer core to stronger outer edge while delivering both feel and distance.

The coating of the ball also helps to dive deep into the grooves of irons and wedge that boosts control, spin, and friction. Along with soft feel, the ability to of ball controlling sets the new version of the Q-Star apart around the greens. In the long time duration of the game, low spin and high launch was found from the ball, while delivering the high peak and distance. If you really want to have a great spin ball, the Q-Star Tour is an excellent choice that almost performs as well as Tour-calibre balls but comes without the larger price tag.

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Five-pieceColors: 2 (white, yellow) – also available in Pix design
Firmer feel
Good stability in the wind
Speed-Layer System’ boosts ball speed via improved energy conversion

Taylormade TP5X Golf Ball is a famous brand that is second to none in manufacturing the best golf accessories. The latest Tour Flight Dimple Design on the new TaylorMade TP5x carries enhanced aerodynamics. The new dual radius assists to optimize airflow to reduce puff and promote distinguished length. The five-piece TP5x even operates the High-Flex Material as component of a ‘Speed-Layer System’ to provide added ball pace through optimal energy transformation.

As compared to the TP5, it is not only firmer than that but also longer, faster and higher launching. But a new, little milder, cast urethane exterior enables it grasp wedge grooves sounder for enlarged spin and a lower launch around the greens. Inspite of firm feeling than TP5, the brand has tried to blend tour performance and feel in a low spinning golf ball with this stronger feel that is a good job done be Taylormade. The better performance of the ball can only be observed during personal trial. Get the ball from today’s best deal and try by yourself.

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Three-pieceColors: 1 (white)
Micro-dimples help to keep the ball in the air for longer as it descends
A good option for mid to low swing speeds in warmer conditions

The last addition on our list to the best low spin golf balls is the most famous brand Mizuno RB 566V Golf ball. The ball is three-piece ball that is especially designed to improve the speed of the face. Once airborne, the ball’s unique micro-dimples work with the larger, standard-sized dimples to help hinder the rate of descent once the ball has passed its flight apex for more distance overall.

The redesigned core of the ball helps to add soft feel to greenside. The RB 566V is very useful for those who are lower swinger. When it comes to spin, low spin can be expected off the driver with mid to high spin closer to the greens. However, the ball is handy and durable. If you are a regular golf player, then we recommend you to try this ball only once. We do hope that it will certainly bring great improvement in your game.

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We do hope that our list of 5 best low spin golf balls will be useful for you to get the best equipment before landing the ground. The aims at bringing the best articles about the best golf accessories like the best golf balls, best golf gloves, best, golf clubs, and other golf accessories. Each of our article is based on the personal trial experience of our expert golf players and the opinion of the best golf players in the world. So, you can rely on these articles to buy any of the golf accessory. If you are looking for the best low spin golf balls to improve your game, you can get any of the 5 best golf balls listen above. And if you find this article helpful, we would be glad to her from you. Don’t forget to tell us about your experience in the comment box.

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