Best Sand Wedges

Best Sand Wedges

Playing on the green is somehow different from playing on the sand because of the rules, challenges, and level of difficulty. When you play on the sand you can face challenges in hitting a good shot, following the set rules, and building your confidence. Therefore, having the best sand wedges is essential to scoring higher. The best sand wedges make you able to deal with all of these challenges with full confidence.

Once you learned the importance of a sand wedge, it’s time to learn what a sand wedge is, and what are some of the best sand wedges available on the market. A sand wedge is a type of club lofted normally between 54 to 58 that helps golfers to escape from bunkers (bunker is a type of pit that is designed to test the ability of a golfer. There are two types of bunkers; sand and water).

The most popular sand wedges are those that combine technology and design to cover a wide range of abilities as easily as possible. Moreover, we not only use wedges to pop the ball out of the sand – they are used for more versatile purposes like pitching, chipping, and hitting high shots. What makes a sand wedge special is the sole of the club, it has more bounce.

Before buying any golf sand wedge, it is wise to consider the key questions in mind as to where you would use your wedge, or if you chip it with greenside. You should also consider what irons you use most, and what loft you need. If you are looking for wedges that are designed and meet the requirements discussed above, here you will find all. We have tested multiple sand wedges and prepared a list of the best sand wedges for beginners and expert golfers that will help you select the best equipment. Let’s get started and see what options we have.


Lofts: 48º-60ºGrinds: 4 (Standard, Low, High, TW)Finishes: 2 (Chrome, Chrome/Black)
High level of spin
Traditional shaping

TaylorMade is one of the best-renowned brands when it comes to golf accessories. Its Raw face technology means its Milled Grind 3 wedge contains an un-plated exterior material that deteriorates with time to yield consistently great spin speeds in moisture. To help spin around the green for friction increase between the club and the ball, TaylorMade has added extended micro ribs between the grooves.

We get three different types of soles with TaylorMade that offer three different bounce choices. There is also a milled design for those who get nervous over their chips. It helps the lower edge of the club and offers excellent forgiveness and refrains you from hitting your shot fat. Tiger Wood grind in 56 is also available for versatility.

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Lofts : 46º-62ºGrinds: 6 (F, M, S, D, L, K)Finishes: 5 (Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel, Jet Black, Raw, Slate Blue)
Brilliant levels of spin
Great trajectory control
Lots of bounce and grind options are available
Unrivaled looks

The most important thing about the SM9 is that it reflects the classic Vokey seen in SM8 Wedge. It has 6 grinds, and 23 loft and bounce options to select from. It is a universal club that can be adapted to fit your swing. If you are in search of a good sand wedge, we highly recommend you pick up an SM9 sand wedge.

It is claimed by Titleist that its F-grind is one of the best clubs for hitting out-of-bunkers with a high bounce rate of 10 to 14. But after taking a trial of this club, we discovered great control in this club and we also got great confidence when it came to controlling ball flight and distance.

There was even no issue found with spin which we averaged around 10,000 RMP with 54º SM9 as compared to around 8,700 with the 52º SM6 on testing. From bunkers with a bunch of sand, we discovered the 54º was less likely to dig into the terrain and that let us swing through with a more fluid stroke. We also found that 58º with 8º of bounce was excellent from bare lies and bunkers with slightly less sand. At present, SM9 is one of the best golf wedges. Make sure to try it once in your game.

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Lofts : 46°-60°Grinds: 4 (Eye2, SS, WS, TS)Finishes: 1 (Chrome)
High levels of spin
Inviting address look
An excellent club from the sand

Ping Glide is one of the best-looking wedges available on the market. The wedge has a more classic teardrop design that is very much similar to the original Eye2 profile of the original brand. It also has the traditional Ping Hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish. Its benefits are that it lessens glare and adds a touch of style to the aesthetics.

Ping Glide can be ultimately called a bunker club and we concluded that it is the best wedge of great performance out of sand because of its forgiveness from harder lies. We say thank you to the new Emery face blast of the club that adds more friction to the clubface. So, all the shots we play a little lower and firmer than expected are checked to be faster than other wedges.

From the wide sole deviation of the club, we have four sole choices to select. During our ordeal, we were confident to find interaction with the terrain and the 14º of bounce, especially in soft conditions. If we observe the overall performance of this wedge, it is worthy to be chosen in Golf Monthly’s Editor’s Choice Awards. Get your favorite wedge from today’s best deal.

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Lofts: 46°-64°Grinds: 5 (S, W, C, X, L-W)Finishes: 3 (Platinum Chrome, Tour Grey, Custom)
Great design
A variety of loft and grind options are available
Micro-ridges improve spin traction

Callaway has been another popular brand for creating the best sand wedges for golfers. The Callaway Jaws Mack Daddy 5 is the continuation of the same brand trend. The wedge features Jaws grooves and a wall angle of 37º to make them sharper for maximum spin and grip. Furthermore, three extended micro-ridges between the grooves advance the number of contact points with the ball to 84 for which the spin-off of the clubface is also created,

On long-pitch shots, we were highly impressed with the spin created by this wedge. After switching the different recommendations of the Callaway’s clubs much smoothness was felt. The smoothness is provided by the muscle back design and clubhead’s mild carbon steel. If you are fed up with your current wedge, it’s time to switch to the W-grind where you will get the maximum forgiveness.

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Lofts: 45°-62°Grinds: 4 (X, C, S, D)Finishes: 3 (Denim Copper, Satin Chrome, Raw)
High level of spin control
Wide range of finishes available
Great in wet weather

Like the previous MP20 irons, a microlayer of copper under the nickel is designed in T22 to improve the feel at impact. It comprises a compact profile (modified teardrop) with a considerable top edge that helps it make thinner. There is created a spin-weighted blade design that helps create maximum consistent spin and penetrating trajectory.

The Mizuno’s micro grooves offer great weather performance because the clubs are laser etched release moisture and lessen spin drop-off. There are three finishes choices available Satin, Raw, and Denim Copper. The Raw finish is without any copper layer, so it has chances to get rusted with time as it has been complained about and requested by many great Mizuno players.

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Lofts: 48º-60ºGrinds : 3 (Versatile, Classic, Wide Low)Finishes: 2 (Gray, One Length)
Full face grooves are ideal for a sand wedge
Three grinds on offer make these a great option to get custom fit for

The last best sand wedge on our list is the famous Cobra King Snakebite wedge famous for its full-face grooves. The wedges create more spin at 56°, 58°, and 60° because the grooves are full face and become shallower, and wider than the lower lofts. You have three grind choices to choose from. It is a very friendly wedge that will appeal to the mid-high handicapper looking for a sand wedge that closely mirrors a cavity back iron set.

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One thing you should remember is that no one considers its brand second to others, and there is no doubt about it. Every brand is unique in its way. Every brand has some features that others lack. So, don’t get confused. Buy one that suits you the most. We have covered the 6 best sand wedges that are most popular than others so that you may not get confused to buy one. The best sand wedges selected on the list are chosen after much consideration in which experts’ opinions, personal trials, and buyers’ feedback are kept in mind. So, we thank our golferpost team to help us in preparing this list. If you buy any of the above-mentioned sand wedges, we would like to hear about your favorite choice. Don’t forget to tell us in the comment box.

FAQS about using the Sand Wedge

When should a sand wedge be used?

As we have mentioned earlier in the article that sand wedges are designed to get the ball out of the bunker. But, you can also use them on the fairway. However, they are typically framed for bunkers as they have wide soles.

How far should I hit my sand wedge?

It depends on your ability. However, an average golf player hit a 56 sand wedge roughly 80 yards. But, the professional players can hit around 80 yards.

What is the lofted degree of a sand wedge?

A sand wedge typically has around 54 to 58 lofted degrees. But, you may take a trial of lofted level to find the best club that suits your game best.

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